The Original Clear Bed Liner
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Are there other bed liner material color options?

Yes, CrystaLiner® offers the "Original clear bed liner" - bed liner material the first in the industry.

Bed liners Franchises or Crystaliner® Dealership?

There are many advantages to a Crystaliner® dealership over any bed liners franchises.

1) Additional Markets: Be your own business so that you can do additional applications than the franchisor would allow. With a spray in bed liner dealership you have more options than a spray in bed liner franchise.

2) Buy-In Cost : Cost to Buy in to a spray in bed liner franchise is usually MUCH higher than a spray in bed liner dealership.

3) Franchise Fees: You have to pay ongoing franchise fees for your spray on bed liner franchise which is direct reduction of your profit. With a spray on bed liner dealership there are no ongoing franchise fees.

4) Control: The franchise controls you which limits your growth potential as an independent business. With a spray on bed liner dealership you are in control.

5) Sourcing: You are not allowed to buy spray on bed liner materials or supplies outside of the spray on bed liner franchise supported source.

6) Name Recognition: Usually this is marketed as an advantage, however, the reality is that is another franchisee does a disservice to the customer your own personal reputation is also damaged, even though you were not the "culprit".  "Guilt" by association.

7) Franchise Legal Responsibilities:  Every state has some level of filing costs and legal fees which you the spray in bed liner franchisee are really paying for.

8) Survivability: Franchisors will usually restrict who you can transfer the business to when you die: this can limit the sale value of the business.

9) Transferability: Most franchisors require approval of the prospective purchaser of YOUR business.  This can limit marketability and the potential price you can get for your business.

10) Continuity: Many franchise agreements give the Franchisor, given certain conditions that you may or may not be able to control, the ability to come in and take your business over from you without compensating you appropriately.

10 reasons why you want to compare for yourself: spray in bed liner franchise or Cyrstaliner® spray in bed liner dealership.

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Can I get bed liner application training at my location?

CrystaLiner® offers spray on bed liner training at regional sites for no additional charge or bed liner spray application training at your site for an additional charge. We have the safest products, and the best start up packages for your spray in bed liner business!

Can I get CrystaLiner® to match any color or to complement my vehicle?

Yes, CrystaLiner® bed liner material can be color matched to any color desired. (Additional fee applies) HOWEVER, the CrystaLiner® "Original Clear Bed Liner" provides for an immediate and permanent color match.

Can I mix smaller quantities than one gallon?

No mixing is required with the CrystaLiner® bed liner system. Bed liner material cartridge set-ups contain approximately .4 gallons. Partial bed liner material cartridges can be re-used.

Can I remove the CrystaLiner® bed liner material?

Yes but due to the excellent adhesion properties that CrystaLiner® bed liner material exhibits you will need to abrade it to remove it. Grinders may be used for this purpose.

Can I use CrystaLiner® products for other applications?

Absolutely! The list is extensive and includes trucks, automotive trim, trailers, vans, boats, and more surfaces. CrystaLiner®'s parent company, Creative Material Technologies, Ltd., is the only company in history to date that has earned both of PDA'tms (Polyurea Development Association) Platinum Awards in a single year. Further CrystaLiner® is the only bed liner company to offer sister systems, the DynaTrim spray-On automotive trim and DynaFoam vehicle spray foam.

Can you do spot repairs?

"Yes, CrystaLiner® black and colors have the ability to have visually undetectable easy repairs and recoating that restores the factory looking finish of the liner. The "Original Clear Bed Liner" is repairable but a visual line appears where the pieces join. Our products can also be used to repair some other competitive liner products when they fail."

Do I need a paint booth for a spray on bed liner business?

No, the CrystaLinerâ„¢ bedliner spray equipment is a low pressure cold spray delivery system that eliminates the need for a paint booth. The low pressure cold spray bed liner application provides for little to no overspray.

Does CrystaLiner® bed liner material come in colors?

Yes, CrystaLiner® bed liner material has 10 standard colors that are UV-stable and a virtually unlimited number of custom colors are possible (extra charge may apply).

Does CrystaLiner® offer a product warranty?

Yes, the CrystaLiner® system offers two layers of warranty protection: 1) the manufacturers Limited Lifetime Warranty, and 2) a CrystaLiner® Installer workmanship warranty.

Does the lining require special maintenance?

CrystaLiner® bed liner material is a high performance coating that requires no maintenance. Oils and other liquids spilled on the bed liner can be cleaned up without damage to the DynaLiner.

How does the bed liner material come packaged?

It is your option how you wish to apply the bed liner material. Therefore, we ship bed liner material in 1500 ml cartridges set-ups, 10 gallon pail-kits, and 110 gallon drum sets.

How environmentally friendly is CrystaLiner®?

CrystaLiner® is considered very environmentally friendly since all CrystaLiner®'s formulations are develop to contain no VOCs , no solvents, and no CFCs. The lowest in the polyurea truck bed liner industry. We are more than just a truck bed liner suplier. We are an innovator in developing bed liner systems.

How long before I can deliver the vehicle to my customer?

CrystaLiner®, unlike the competition, offers several different formulations of bed liner material to CrystaLiner® Installers. Different bedliner material formulations have different gel times and return to service times. While CrystaLiner® Black bed liner material can be returned to the customer in an hour the customer should wait 24 hours before returning the vehicle to full service. The vehicle that has been sprayed with CrystaLiner®'s Clear or Color bed liner material formulations can be returned to the customer in three hours and requires 24 hours before heavy use.

How much bed liner material will I spray into a truck?

Depending upon the size of the vehicle and coating thickness you will spray between 2.4 and 4 gallons of bed liner material.

How much will my spray in bed liner equipment cost?

All CrystaLiner® spray on truck bed liner packages includes both the bed liner spray material and the bed liner spray equipment. Our bed liner spray equipment is both portable and affordable.

How thick will I spray the bed liner material?

Since it is 100% solids CrystaLiner® polyurea truck bed liner material can be sprayed to any thickness desired. Therefore, the correct thickness to spray the product depends upon the type of service and use that the Bed Liner will "see" and the associated costs. The typical bed liner should be sprayed at a minimum thickness of between 80-100 mils.

Is CrystaLiner® bed liner material UV stable?

Certainly, CrystaLiner® offers bed liner matierial in colors that are guaranteed to contain 100% aliphatic components preventing any fade or discoloration. In fact, UV-stability testing has proven that the CrystaLiner® bed liner material loses only 2% of its color over more than a six year equivalent sun exposure test. Our hybrid polyurea truck bed liner material is the safest available!

Used spray equipment or new spray equipment?

Although in some cases, it is cost effective to purchase used equipment, that is not always the case. Before you purchase used spray equipment you need to determine your target applications. In some cases, a portable cold spray system maybe all that you need to get started. Before you invest in used spray equipment, check out our portable cold spray system.

In 2005, the Polyurea Development Association (PDA), awarded Voyager™ Systems the Platinum Technology Award for it's innovation.

What about the installation of other accessories on my truck?

Proper CrystaLiner® installation will not interfere with the installation of other accessories. It can also be used to protect those accessories.

What are the spray-on bedliner hazards?

Most of the other spray-on bedliner materials use a coating that OSHA has deemed hazardous for the installer. However, our spray-on bedliner material is the safest formlation available with zero voc's.

What will my start up costs be for a spray in bed liner business?

CrystaLiner® offers spray in bed liner business packages starting at $4997.00 (Bronze Package without training) / $5997.00 (Bronze Package with training), for CrystaLiner® Black, and $9787.00 for packages which include CrystaLiner® Clear, CrystaLiner® Metallics, CrystaLiner® Black, and CrystaLiner® UV Stable Colors (Silver Package). Start your spray in bed liner business without franchise fees! We offer complete bed liner systems! We are not just bed liner suppliers, we are innovators in the bed liner business!.

Why should I become a CrystaLiner® Installer instead of offering a competitive product?

There are many reasons. We offer the best products and the startup package for starting a spray in bed liner business! No franchise fees. Exclusive supplier of hybrid polyurea clear bed liner material that is the safest formula available! State of the art bed liner spray gun equipment. Please reference our Competitive Comparison Chart

Will I be able to create textured bed liners?

Yes, CrystaLiner® bed liner material offers several surface textures. CrystaLiner® Bed Liner Installer Training will show you how to customize your installations.

Will I be able to do off site work?

Absolutely! In fact, the CrystaLiner® portable bed liner spray equipment requires no electricity- only compressed air.

Will I have more options for bed liner finish?

Yes, CrystaLiner® unique bed liner material offers several special effect bed liner finishes available for trained installers to spray. (Including textured bed liner, and metallic bed liner finishes).

Will the lining hold up in rugged conditions and temperature extremes?

Yes, in fact you will find that CrystaLiner® will outperform many of the competitive truck bed liners because it is polyurea based, not polyurethane.

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