The Original Clear Bed Liner
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Spray on bed liner comparison chart

CrystaLiner® spray on bed liner vs. Rhino TuffStuff

Pure Polyurea spray on bed liner vs. Rhino TuffStuff

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Increased Profits With Our High-Performance Coating Systems

  • Re-market to your current customer base through;
    • Renovating, Restoring and/or upgrading installed bed liners
    • Installing high-performance coating systems in additional applications for the same customer; for example, their deck, garage floors, driveways, foundations, roofs, docks, and marine applications
    • Installing additional protective coatings on their autos, trailers, and trucks
    • Installing protective coatings on mobile homes, motor homes, and RVs
    • Repairing existing damaged coating systems on multiple surfaces and substrates
  • This new technology will allow you to get customers excited again:
    • Your customers will actually think of and inquire about additional applications
    • Your customers become your sales force
  • Obtain new customers easier due to low start up costs
    • Lower start up costs means greater marketing dollars available
    • Lower start up costs means lower overhead
    • Become profitable sooner
  • Clean up is quick and easy, saving you money and time

Lower Your Costs by Reducing or Eliminating Material Waste

  • Little or no overspray
  • No purging of lines
  • No more mixing products:
    • No mixing, no mixing errors
    • Save labor and time
    • Eliminate color inconsistencies
    • No leftover pigmented material
  • Avoid fixing machines

Saves You Time

  • Establish a strategic advantage over your competition
  • Low prep time
    • Less Sanding
    • No more color matching!
  • No more pouring

No More Pigments

  • The "Original Clear Bed Liner" is 100% clear
  • No Pigments to settle
  • No stirring required

100% Pure Polyurea Truck Bed Liner

  • Eliminates flammability and auto-ignition hazards of solvent systems
  • Zero VOCs and no solvents
  • Little to no out gassing
  • No fillers

Zero VOC's Means a Safer Pure Polyurea Product

  • Minimized odors
  • Meets or exceeds the EPA's regulations for VOC contents

Health and Safety Concerns

  • Very low monomer content
    • Aliphatic: less than .5% free monomer
    • Typical spray on products have a very high monomer content and can be very dangerous to your health

Customer Satisfaction

  • Instant "ColorMatch" to their vehicle's color
  • Textured bed liner
  • Fast return to service
  • Increased Market Applications
    • Glass, Off Road, and more.